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He's coming for you, BarbaraAbout the Course

Zombies in Popular Media (52-2725J) is an intense course exploring the history, cultural significance, and horrifying circumstances of zombies as they appear in cinema, comics, literature, and elsewhere.

J-session coursework

The class meets daily for the three weeks of j-session, from 9:30 to 3pm. We do course work from 9:30 until around noon, take a short break, and then reconvene for a required daily screening that runs no later than 3pm. Students complete reading and reflection assignments nightly and participate in daily discussion and activities. This accounts for roughly two-thirds of the credit hours earned in the course. Each student will also prepare a short presentation/essay about outside zombie texts.

Spring coursework

The class will stay in touch using an online forum over the first half of Spring semester, with a single gathering at the end of the term. Each student will use this time prepare a creative exploration of the genre, to be presented to classmates at our final meeting in late March. This work accounts for roughly one-third of the credit hours earned in the course.

This course fullfills the Humanities Literature requirement, and is worth 3 credits. All students must enroll for all three credits.

A word of caution

Watch out!This course is intense and difficult. It's boatloads of fun, but it's important that you understand the vigor with which we'll tackle these issues.

Please look at a previous syllabus and read the student comments to get an idea of what the course will be like. And then, if you're ready for the challenge, register as soon as you can.